Process and Benefits When the internet first came along it brought along radical changes which made the traditional practices of many fields and industries adopt new processes. These days courses can be completed online instead of the traditional classroom, shopping can be done without leaving your home and even booking a doctor’s appointment can be scheduled online.   If this is now the case then why not apply this ‘online service’ method to the age old practice of counselling services?   Online counselling services here in Australia, is not at all new, having been in practice for more or less a decade now. The concept of counselling remains the same with the only changes being the mode of communication and how to effectively use the internet for online counselling.   There are three main methods of online counselling in Australia:   Emails – where the patient and counsellor correspond with each other by sending and receiving emails to address a specific area/issue.   Instant Messaging – where the patient and the counsellor can talk to each other through instant messaging software such as Skype.   Video Conferencing – where the patient and counsellor can engage in voice communication through video conversations and provide face-to-face interaction between the two parties.   The process is the same and the results still are achieved through working together closely. However by using online counselling services, it makes it easier for everyone to commit and removes the hassle of physically attending a session.   Why Online Counselling? Online counselling is a growing practice in Australia because it offers many benefits which distinguish from the traditional mode of counselling.   Convenient – Online counselling gives the patient access to counselling services […]