Why do people cheat?

  When people find out their spouse has cheated on them one of the hardest questions to ask is Why? The ‘why’ someone has cheated can make you feel vulnerable and sometimes the questions that it is easier to ask is ‘Who’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’. The Why of an affair is something that will be asked long after the relationship or affair has ended. As with all things that come down to human behaviour, it’s different for every person. There is no one rule as to why someone cheats as it’s usually down to individual circumstances. We can’t even say that women are more likely to cheat than men, as that is not the case. What we do see is women are more likely to try and cover up any infidelity, for fear of losing children, friendships, home and financial security. Some of the reasons why people cheat can include: Unhappiness Lack of a sexual relationship Opportunity Boredom Ego Loneliness When people cheat is often spontaneous and not pre-empted. Generally people in long term committed relationships don’t intentionally set out to cheat on their spouses, however situations arise and before they know it they are in the middle of an affair. A reassuring fact is that a lot of relationships do recover from infidelity and often, as a result develop closer, stronger relationships. However if you have experienced a serial cheater, then the problems can lay deeper and need to be addressed. If you have been cheated on, there are 2 options. You work through it together or alone. Individual circumstances will govern this and there is no right or wrong way of dealing with infidelity. As with everything though, prevention is better than cure […]

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Infidelity – Does My Partner Still Love Me?

Have you noticed that your spouse is somehow distant lately? Has intimacy between the both of you lessened, if not altogether disappeared? When was the last time you had a decent conversation about his or her day? Many people whether married or in a relationship, have always dreaded the day when questions like the above begin to creep into their minds – simply because the answer always leads to yet another question much scarier than the above – “Is my spouse cheating on me?” Infidelity is one of the most pressing issues that challenge many marriages today – and more often than not, such an act can lead to the utter destruction of what was once a beautiful and loving relationship. Infidelity Then and Now It is not something totally new as even in ancient times there are cases of one partner cheating on another as this report demonstrates.  In face the act of infidelity has only been exacerbated by the increase in internet porn and online chat rooms. Even social media platforms have paved the way for this act to flourish. In most cases, it is usually the husband or man who cheats in a relationship.  Having said this, an interesting article from Huffington Post last year revealed that the number of females who cheat is on the rise. Unfortunately extramarital affairs are not inclusive to one particular group.  The act of unfaithfulness encompasses all marriages and relationships regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. It is a disease that has spread throughout the globe, causing the death of many relationships all over the world. Infidelity and Starting Fresh Infidelity can lead to two different directions. As mentioned, it can be the end of […]

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