The Psychological Benefits of Running

Unlike other forms of exercise, running is a marginalising activity – the truly passionate are pounding the pavement before sunrise while others avoid it at all costs. Whether you consider it an effective aerobic workout or an exhausting chore, you can’t deny its positive effect on the body and mind.   Some run purely for the physical benefits – it burns calories faster than the same time spent walking or cycling. For some, however, the psychological benefits may outweigh the physical ones.   Though deceptively simple to learn, regular running has a positive impact on the entire body. For instance, incorporating running into your routine will lower your blood pressure by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries.   The rigorous physical activity also maximises lung capacity. Frequent deep breathing while running forces the lungs to use more tissue, so up to 50% of the otherwise unused lung potential is utilised. Even long-term smokers may increase their lung potential through running.   Running also strengthens the heart, helping to prevent heart attacks. Running is large muscle exercise. This means it keeps the cardiovascular system efficient and strong, while opening the arteries, allowing blood to flow smoothly.   In addition to the physical benefits, running has a positive impact on your emotional and mental health. Running is often suggested by doctors to treat clinical depression and associated psychological disorders. Doctors who treat clinically depressed patients now believe that the physical activity is as effective as psychotherapy. It can decrease tension, depression, fatigue and confusion associated with mental illnesses   The reason behind this is that more endorphins are released into the body and also running can give patients something else to focus their energy on. It provides […]

Get your mind-set ready for 2015

So, 2014 has come to an end. Was it a good year for you? Did you accomplish the goals you wanted? Did you manage to stick to your New Year’s Resolution?   The majority of people will begin 2015 the way they began 2014, with promises to get fit, get a better job, save money, lose weight, etc. For many, those resolutions have been broken by the end of January. Surely there is a better way though?   How can we maintain the good intentions that we start with?   After all, our resolutions are clearly meant for our self-improvement. In order to fulfil these, we need to change our mindset. We need to build up our mental strength and energy to be able to make these positive changes. How we can start with and maintain that initial positivity to change? Through positive thinking.   The renowned the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, has promoted the use of positive thinking to make life changing results. This is based on what is termed ‘The Law of Attraction’. The book has sold over 19 million copies world-wide which shows that the concept works.   The law of attraction can be defined as the belief that like attracts like. So through focusing positive or negative thoughts you can make positive or negative outcomes. This stems from the belief that people and their thoughts are made up from a pure energy. This energy attracts energy of the like. So, positive energy will attract positive, and negative energy will encourage only negative. In other words, if you want to achieve something, for example, you want to buy a new car, by using positive thinking you will acquire the means […]

Manage your stress this Christmas

Christmas is an odd time of year. It can be a wonderful, festive and joyful time; when everyone is smiling and happy. Or, it can turn people into raging, stressful, irrational beings.   There is so much to do considering the happy, festive season don’t create itself. Usually, someone has spent hours trudging through packed shops, fighting over the last turkey, and undertake the task of cooking Christmas dinner. Also does anyone like sitting for hours on end writing Christmas cards to people you haven’t seen in 20 years? Well, let’s break with tradition this year, let’s look at 5 tips to combat stress levels over the holiday period.   Get everyone involved – You are not the only one capable of doing Christmas tasks in the household, so start laying down the law and easing your work load. Bribe the kids to write out Christmas cards, with 20cents for every card they write neatly. Give family members food to bring on the day if you’re hosting Christmas. Delegate to those involved to make the process easier.   Meditate- Slow down, relax, breathe deeply. Have a period each day when you sit in silence, with a few scented candles, and do some breathing exercises. By stopping the tension from over-flowing, you are preventing yourself from making those bad errors in judgement that so often occur with anger and high-stress levels. Don’t let the bad stuff get to you. So what if your neighbours crashed your Christmas and had too much to drink. We’ll be laughing about it this time next year.   Manage Expectations – This means for you and others. Setting yourself up to create the perfect Christmas and it not quite going to […]

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