Total Wellness Now – balanced lifestyle program

Shape the new you!

Whether your goal is achieving healthy weight, increasing your energy or maximising nutrition your Alegna Solutions mentor can help you get just want you want out of life to make your future a past worth remembering!

Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. They jeopardize your health both mentally and physically and they waste your time and energy.

Isn’t it time to take control and delete your bad behaviors and learn to stick to good ones instead?

Master breaking bad eating and lifestyle habits – we have specifically designed a number of ready-to-use programmes that give you the perfect 1-2-3 Steps to a better you!

Take the plunge and start to feel, think, and look awesome this week!

Call us today and request a consultation for our increasingly popular ‘Wellness Evaluation’ – no strings attached. You’ll discover your:

                  • Resting metabolic rate
                  • Weight and body fat %
                  • Abdominal fat
                  • Muscle mass & physique rating
                  • Bone mass & hydration levels
                  • Metabolic age!

We can provide ongoing support and mentoring to help you:

  • Improve energy
  • Gain muscle
  • Shed weight
  • Cut down cravings
  • Improve sports performance

[alert type=general]Due to demand and limited places, clients are eligibility assessed for this program [/alert]

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Queensland branded ‘The Fat State’ with the Gold Coast in need of shaping up!

Petrina Zaphir reports on report by National Health Performance Authority.